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Innovation is the process that converts opportunities into market ideas. Our goal is to create new customers and new markets inquiring into the changes provided by the company’s environment. The awareness of the involved people hereby is crucial. The customers’ participation shall support the innovation process, whereas by means of a realimentation process, the company shall be able to evaluate the used methods and the eventual need to reformulate them within the search of improving and innovating its products. Innovating must be constant, on processes that have become inefficient, outdated and obsolete; or, on the technology and the search for process improvement. There are two innovation models:
1.1- Product innovation: when the product manufactured, or the service rendered by the company have been changed;
1.2- Process innovation: when the product manufacturing, or service rendering modes have been changed

Locomotive, not wagon!
“A leading company doesn’t wait for things to happen, it make things happen in view of the goals that its managers and employees have in mind.”

Goals integrate the program to be developed in order to fulfill the mission, thus making the vision come true. A leading company has just one vision, as well as just one mission, although it shall have plenty of goals.

Planning is the art of make things happen. Planning is the foundation of success. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” (Robert Schuller).

“A vision is a clear image of something the company wants its staff to be or to do. Upon that clear image, the company plans the way to modify the vision into reality” (adapted from John Haggai).
Indispensable and wide: “The Vision is essential to survival. It’s generated by faith, nourished by hope, sharpened by imagination and strengthened by enthusiasm. It’s much more than look, deeper than dream and indeed much wider than having ideas” (Charles Swindoll, The Quest for Character).
“To achieve success, you must first have the vision” (Bob Biehl).
“When we have a vision for our live, we have direction. We have an overall idea where we want to reach” (adapted from Howard Hendricks).

See the opportunity, not the problem
Rather see the opportunities for victory, than the obstacles.

Product-oriented and focused on the customer
That means, we follow the specifications, meet the requirements and accomplish and/or exceed the customers’ expectations and, even so, provide the best market chance to each product in order to meet our customers’ needs;

Focused on the product in regard to the use of our products.

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